Shay Millheiser

Accredited Buyer Representative; Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

Shay Millheiser has over 8 years of hands-on experience in real estate, stemming back to her days of renovating homes while attending the University of Texas. With an expert eye for design and an impeccable ability to redesign fixer-uppers into stunning, easily sellable properties, Shay is recognized as a real estate leader. She has managed the real estate process from the purchase, construction, rebuild and sale of over 100 residential properties. Her dedication to her craft has won her acclaim by leading real estate professionals and her renovation and remodeling work has been featured on HGTV. She has also been a featured presenter at the Real Estate Wealth Expo, alongside Tony Robbins and other HGTV personalities.

Shay’s true passion lies in working with home buyers and sellers. She has the experience, the knowledge, and the eagerness to effectively help her buyers understand the home-buying process, decipher between mortgage options, and find the perfect home for their needs, and for her sellers to receive top-dollar for their property in record time. Shay’s attention to detail and patience allow her to smoothly facilitate transactions, while her passion and hustle allow her to work long hours that no one else will. Shay is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, as well as a Director at the Austin Board of Realtors for the 2019-2021 term. She is also a member of the finance committee at the Austin Jewish Community Center.

In her free time, Shay can be found enjoying the outdoors with her four dogs, trying a new restaurant in downtown Austin, or performing at many of Austin’s improv comedy theaters..